Document Management System - Edition Comparisons

Document Management System - Comparisons

Feature Comparision

Following table depicts the features and functionalities comparisons of KRYSTAL DMS Editions.

Robust Document Management with Version Control
Accessible over the Internet, WAN or LAN
Completely Web Browser based Application System
Document Indexing and Searching
Document Sharing
Document Access History
Document Version History
Detailed Audit Logs
Subscription and Notification
Document Expiration & Notifications
Announcements Lists
Discussion Boards
Device Independent - Supports all PC, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablets
Completely Responsive Web Design
Drag & Drop Document Upload and Importing
File Preview, Mark-up & Annotations
Thumbnail view of documents and pages
Email Documents from within System
Supports all Scanners & Digital Cameras
Integrated Document Printing
Export Results in Excel Format
Unique Indexes and Default Index Values
User profiles with profile pictures
Document Ratings
Export Documents as PDF
Template based Access Control
Store documents in database or external file systems
Document Tags
Indian and International Language Support
Static Lists for Indexes
Full Text Document Content Search
OCR Engine for Image Content Search
Import Location (Watched Folders) for auto upload of documents
Configurable Automated Tasks for Full Text Extraction & Document Importing
Microsoft and Open Office Document Viewing Support
Document Management Web Services APIs
Messaging System
Multi Factor Authentication
Workflow Engine to Automate Business Process
Automated Workflow Notifications
Multiple Repository (Domain) Facility
Document Reminders
Document Scanning & Capture Additional Module
Expiry Notification to External Users
Document Sets
AutoCad (DWG and DXF) Viewing Support
On Windows Based Server Installation
Task Lists
Events Calendar
LDAP / Active Directory Integration
Multilingual support (User Interface)

Price Comparision - On Premise

Following table depicts the on-premise price comparisons of KRYSTAL DMS Editions.

1 Concurrent User License - NA - 1,00,000.00 50,000.00
2 Concurrent User License - NA - 1,50,000.00 75,000.00
3 Concurrent User License - NA - 1,80,000.00 90,000.00
5 Concurrent User License 5,00,000.00 2,00,000.00 1,00,000.00
10 Concurrent User License 8,00,000.00 3,20,000.00 1,60,000.00
15 Concurrent User License 10,50,000.00 4,20,000.00 2,10,000.00
20 Concurrent User License 12,50,000.00 5,00,000.00 2,50,000.00
25 Concurrent User License 13,75,000.00 5,50,000.00 2,75,000.00
50 Concurrent User License 20,00,000.00 Contact Sales Contact Sales
100 Concurrent User License 25,00,000.00 Contact Sales Contact Sales
Above 100 Concurrent User License Contact Sales Contact Sales Contact Sales


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